Ronald C. Moore, C.E.O.

Ronald Moore | Chief Executive Officer

Ronald Moore


Mr. Moore joined The Neurological Institute and Specialty Centers in 2008 as Chief Executive Officer. For a period of over 30 years, he has held senior management positions with a number of organizations which provide patient-care services in the hospital, ambulatory and home setting.

As the hospital-based delivery system began to dramatically change in the early ’80s’, Mr. Moore left the hospital setting to become a principal in a company which became a publically-traded leader in the ambulatory surgery space, and his career follows the market opportunities resulting from the “unbundling” of the healthcare delivery system. In the period immediately prior to his joining The Neurological Institute and Specialty Centers, he was a consultant to companies who had an interest in developing ambulatory care service models in conjunction with physicians.

Mr. Moore is degreed with a double major in economics and business management…and has done advanced studies in finance and organizational development.