Mitchell Kaufman, M.D.

Mitchell Kaufman, M.D.


Dr. Mitchell H. Kaufman graduated from University of California Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine in 1984 and has been in practice for 33 years. Dr. Kaufman also specializes in Hospital Neurology and is currently our Neurohospitalist for Methodist Hospitals. Dr. Kaufman holds memberships with the American Academy of Neurology, American Epilepsy Society, and the American Medical Association.

Dr. Kaufman is a board certified neurologist with vast experience and specialization with patients having epilepsy and all aspects of adult inpatient care. As a neurologist, he treats disorders of the nervous system, brain, spinal cord, nerves, muscles, and pain. His philosophy is that diagnosis and treatment can help patients with neurological disorders maintain the best possible quality of life.


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